llll.08 suspended horizontally
llll.08 floorlamp
llllllll.08 Sarah Dehandschutter
llll.08 suspended vertically
llll.08 double 320cm
llll.08 double vertical
llll.08 floor light
llll.08 floorlamp
llll.08 double horizontal
llll.08 double
llll.08 double Richmont Amsterdam
llll.08 double


A curved led profile is twisted around a central rod, and covered with two layers of stretched polyester tricot, creating an organic and elegant twisted lamp volume.

The knitted stretched fabric is semi transparent, creating attractive lines and a rich moiré effect. 

A copper wire can  be knitted along the length, accentuating the moiré effect and adding a golden glow.

can be suspended vertically or horizontally, or standing as a floor lamp.

Dimensions 180/30/30cm for a single model 220-360 cm lenghth for a double.

llll.08.11verticalwhite /2700K160/30/30 cm
llll.08.12verticalgold/2300K160/30/30 cm
llll.08.21verticalwhite /2700K180/30/30 cm
llll.08.22verticalgold/2300K180/30/30 cm
llll.08.31horizontalwhite /2700K160/30/30 cm
llll.08.32horizontalgold/2300K160/30/30  cm
llll.08.41horizontalwhite /2700K180/30/30 cm
llll.08.42horizontalgold/2300K180/30/30 cm
llll.08.51standingwhite /2700K160/30/30 cm
llll.08.52standinggold/2300K160/30/30 cm
llll.08.61 standingwhite /2700K180/30/30 cm
llll.08.62 standinggold/2300K180/30/30 cm
llll.08 double verticalwhite /2700K240-320cm
llll.08 double verticalgold/2300K240-320cm
llll.08 double horizontalwhite /2700K240-320cm
llll.08 double horizontalgold/2300K240-320cm

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