A curved LED profile is coiled around a central rod and enveloped with two layers of stretched polyester tricot, forming an organic and sophisticated twisted lamp structure.

The knitted stretched fabric is semi-transparent, producing appealing lines and a pronounced moiré effect.

A copper wire can be interwoven throughout its length, enhancing the moiré pattern and imparting a warm golden hue.

The lamp can be hung vertically or horizontally, or positioned as a floor lamp.

The dimensions are 180/30/30 cm for a single model and 220-360 cm in length for a double model.

llll.08.11verticalwhite /2700K160/30/30 cm
llll.08.12verticalgold/2300K160/30/30 cm
llll.08.21verticalwhite /2700K180/30/30 cm
llll.08.22verticalgold/2300K180/30/30 cm
llll.08.31horizontalwhite /2700K160/30/30 cm
llll.08.32horizontalgold/2300K160/30/30  cm
llll.08.41horizontalwhite /2700K180/30/30 cm
llll.08.42horizontalgold/2300K180/30/30 cm
llll.08.51standingwhite /2700K160/30/30 cm
llll.08.52standinggold/2300K160/30/30 cm
llll.08.61 standingwhite /2700K180/30/30 cm
llll.08.62 standinggold/2300K180/30/30 cm
llll.08 double verticalwhite /2700K240-320cm
llll.08 double verticalgold/2300K240-320cm
llll.08 double horizontalwhite /2700K240-320cm
llll.08 double horizontalgold/2300K240-320cm

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