a modular extendable chandelier


This lighting fixture  consists of multiple parts that can be arranged and connected in different ways. This allows the user to customize the shape and size of the chandelier according to their preferences and needs.

One 120/60/60 cm element is made out of fabric that has been stretched around bent aluminum profiles.

It contains an LED strip. 30 watt 2300 or 2700 Kelvin 95+CRI.

The brass tube is 12 mm in diameter, 170 cm long,

 A brass hinge joins the elements and transfers the 24 volts between them.

The chandelier consists of a brass tube with a suspension point in the middle, and a light element which can be moved over the tube to change the balance.
On both sides of the tube, you can attach a lamp. Using one lamp will result in a more vertical composition. With a lamp on either side of the tube, you get a more horizontal balance.
You can expand it with more lamps. This way you can create your own chandelier in endless variations.that will give you the freedom to adjust your lighting to your space and your style.
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