illusive cast in shape



illusive cast in shape

The lamps are crafted by stretching fabric tightly over hand-bent metal profiles, creating dynamic organic shapes that appear different from every angle, evoking a sense of lightness and continuous motion.

Despite the potential for endless variations, the designs are distilled to their essential archetypes.

The creation process resembles dipping a wire frame into a soap solution, forming a minimal surface film bounded by the frame itself.

With each frame, multiple minimal surfaces can exist, featuring various areas and combinations, as the frame extends into three dimensions.

The interplay between curved structures and their minimal surfaces is fundamental to the collection.

The lamps’ elegance and distinctive, soft streamlined appearance stem from this direct organic process.

The semi-transparent fabric used enhances the feeling of buoyancy. The overlapping layers reveal appealing lines and a pronounced moiré effect, arising from the slightly misaligned patterns of the knitted fabric.

Concentric rings seem to dance and shimmer with the smallest movement of the head.

Optionally, copper wire can be woven throughout, intensifying the moiré effect and imparting a warm, golden glow.

A warm white LED strip, embedded within the frame, lights the lamp from the edges, casting an even, soft radiance throughout.

The fusion of manual artisanship—shaping the structures and fitting the fabric—with modern methods, such as 3D printing and LED technology, culminates in a design that is both contemporary and organic.

While production occurs in a consistent and controlled setting, each piece is handcrafted and extensively customizable, accommodating specific designs and spaces.

The dimensions are flexible, and the models can be modified for various structures, including chandeliers.

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