A curved aluminium led profile is covered with two layers of stretched polyester tricot, creating a chalice like volume.

This lamp has a natural elegance and a unique soft and streamlined character. The fluent form looks different from every angle, suggesting lightness and ongoing movement.
A high quality warm white LED strip light (2400K or 2700K, 90CRI, 14Watt/meter, 900lumen) is incorporated in the aluminium frame. The lamp is so illuminated from its outer edges, equally dispersing the light throughout the see through volume. It shows a rich moiré effect by shining through the small holes of the fabric.
A copper wire can also be knitted along the length, adding a warm golden coloured glow.
The circle diameter of the pendant lamp is 50 or 70 cm, as a standing lamp its height is 180 cm.

As a ceiling light it can be suspended at every length by a cable. a plaster ceiling  canopy contains the meanwell convertor


The floorlamp has a curved rod supporting the chalice and a black metal base.

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