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llll lighting exploits the tension of fabric stretched to its extremes over bended rods. This leads to light sculptures with a natural elegance that have a unique soft and streamlined character. The fluent forms look different from every angle, suggesting lightness and ongoing movement.
The fabric:
The lights are made directly by stretching two layers of specially developed polyester tricot around an aluminum frame, creating a hollow volume. The knitted  fabric is semi transparent, creating attractive lines and a rich moiré effect. A copper wire can also be knitted along the length, accentuating the moiré effect and adding a golden glow.
The frame:
The ends of the rods of are joined and positioned by a hinge. This modular system allows a great range of different lamp sceletons. Various light elements can be joined in a delicate balanced mobile-like chandelier structure. Floor lamps as wel as ceiling lamps can be adjusted and positioned as desired.

view images of the knitted fabric, the frame and the connecting hinge:

The led lights:
A high quality warm white LED strip is incorporated in the frame. The lamp is so illuminated from its outer edges, equally dispersing the light throughout the volume, producing a pleasant, diffuse glow.
14 watt/meter ensures an abundant shining light, 2700-3000 lumen, comparable to an old 200Watt filament lamp. 2400K has a very warm white light tone, and 90CRI gives an excellent colour representation value.

All items are handmade, but modern tools, like ultrasonic welding and 3D printing ensure a stable small scale production. Custom made options always remain possible.

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